Saturday, July 2, 2011


Seema Mishra merely a name which on hearing creates a sweet wave of sound and from the heart the feeling of rajasthani culture and civilization becomes live. This extreme sweet sound wave and the feeling of rajasthani culture and civilization has adored her name as the MARU KOKILA (CROWN OF DESERT NIGHTINGALE). She has done the recording mainly for popular companies like Veena, T-Series, Venus, Classic, Mayur among them Ghoomar (4-Parts), Chand Chado Gignar, Kuve par Ekli (2-Parts), Balam Chhoto So, Chudi Chamke, Kurjaan etc. are the main albums.
Rajasthani folk songs in which rajasthani culture traditions, ethics & costumes are given out, Seema through her melodious voice has created an new incredible platform of Rajasthani folk songs in the whole India.

Seema Mishra Songs List



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